Best Fishes on Your 15th Birthday! — Stillhouse Hollow, 15 Feb., 16 Fish

This afternoon I was joined by the Geer family from the Fort Worth area for a half-day of white bass fishing on Stillhouse Hollow.


From left: Devin, Hunter, and Melissa with our 6 best white bass of the day.  Flatline trolling was the most consistent producer for us on this turbulent afternoon.

Melissa Geer, the mother of Devin Geer and aunt of Hunter Consider, contacted me a few days ago requesting a trip in celebration of Devin’s 15th birthday coming up next week.  Of the three of them, Devin was definitely the most passionate about fishing and had a good variety of fishing experiences under his belt.  He understood sonar and 360 Imaging, and was more than glad to do some of the “chores” of buoy retrieval, setting and untangling lines, etc.

Our conditions were a bit tough this afternoon, with murky, turbulent weather in advance of a cold front due in overnight.  We were not late enough in the cycle to get the benefit of the wind shift through the west to the north — that looks like it will happen overnight.  Instead, we had some pre-frontal warming, grey skies and some spitting rain.

Most all of the fish we found were turned off and fairly scattered.  What birds were working seemed to be working over shad near the surface of the water that has warmed up very well this past week.  I noted a lot of suspended fish scattered about in the mid- to upper portion of the water column as I watched sonar today.  This typically happens when we get a significant warmup and insect hatches begin.

We “pecked” at the fish, boating one here and one there via vertical jigging, with the only real consistency coming from flatline trolling over a 10-15 foot feature holding both white bass and shad.  The fishing was definitely far short of what it could have been with such a nice warmup this week, but was on par with what it typically is under such weather conditions.

TALLY = 16 FISH, all caught and released




Start Time: 1:45p

End Time: 6:00p

Air Temp. @ Trip’s Start: 68F

Water Surface Temp: 54F

Wind Speed & Direction: SSW12

Sky Conditions: Entirely greyed over.

Other: GT=5


**Area  1522 one white bass in 43′ vertical jigging

**Area 1351 – 1349 flatline trolling in 10-15′ for 1 white bass

**Area 1164 one white bass in 24′ vertical jigging

**Area  698 flatline trolling in 10-15′ for 12 white bass

**Area 1197 one white bass in 25′ vertical jigging


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