02 FEBRUARY 2008

Stillhouse Hollow Fishing Report by Stillhouse Hollow Fishing Guide Bob Maindelle

Had some downtime this afternoon and so took a leisurely afternoon trip just by myself today. Since I wasn’t on a customer’s schedule, I waited on some wind before heading out.

A light breeze began to push from the SSE around 2:30p, so I headed out and was on the water by 2:55p. The breeze slowly built up to ~12mph SSE at most, but it was enough to get the fish going.

I made a quick stop at a mid-lake hump I hadn’t fished in a while. No shad were showing, but I graphed a few fish, so I gave it a try and came up with a 15 inch largemouth on the first drop of the slab. That was all that area had to offer, so I moved on.

I hit another midlake feature where a breakline occurs prior to another drop into the channel (Area 104). I usually don’t find fish here this time of year, but, I saw 4 large herring gulls resting on the water here. As I drew closer, they were oddly reluctant to lift off the water and flee. I suspected they were hungry and were sitting on top of an uncooperative food source … and that hunch was right on.

As I ran sonar thoroughly over the area, I saw plenty of fish with bellies to the bottom. Down went the slab and up came the white bass. From 3:15 to 5:00pm I caught 24 keeper whites, all within a quarter inch of 11 inches in length. I also caught 2 largemouth, a sunfish, and one dink white bass here.

Then, at the same area, from 5:00 to 5:40p the fish turned on and in that short span of time, I added 14 more keeper whites to the tally, all on a slab, with ~60% coming off bottom, and the balance out of suspended schools. These were of the same size as the rest, right around 11 inches.

By 5:40 things shut down hard. The fish quit, the terns flocked up and went to roost, and it was all over but the boat washing.

I said a prayer of thanks to the Lord as I headed back in to the dock for the few hours of peace and quiet He afforded me today.

Tally this day was 43 fish, all caught and released.

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