04 FEBRUARY 2008

Stillhouse Hollow Fishing Report by Fort Hood Area Fishing Guide Bob Maindelle

Fished a short trip this evening to keep in touch with fish activity. Launched at 4pm and returned at 7pm. Air temperature was 68F and water surface temperature was 52F. The winds were SSE at 14, slowly tapering to 7 at dusk.

There was already some moderate bird activity taking place from both gulls and terns as I got on the water. I watched the birds carefully and spotted promising behavior from several gulls.

I slowly motored in and around this area (Area 105) and found both suspended fish and fish holding tight to the bottom. I dropped a slab down and worked for a few minutes to figure out what the fish wanted and then did well on both the bottom oriented fish and the suspended fish, although the suspended fish were much more picky.

I caught 15 solid white bass, all 12-14 inches, one fat 16 inch white bass, one dink white bass, and a barely keeper largemouth at this first location in 19-21 feet of water.

After things tapered off here I moved ~ 100 yards to the east to get under some fresh bird activity. Didn’t find much going on here, but did have two missed hookups on a horizontal bladebait presentation.

Moved one final time to the last visible location of bird activity and found a mixed bag of fish in 21-22 feet of water. Caught 4 good 13 inch whites here from suspended schools, as well as 2 small largemouth, 3 crappie, and a drum. Interesting to note that this is the first time crappie have shown up as a by-catch since the fall.

Tally = 28 fish, all caught and released

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