09 FEBRUARY 2008

Stillhouse Hollow Fishing Report by Ft. Hood Fishing Guide Bob Maindelle

Fished a solo trip today knowing full-well based on the weather forecast that it would be a poor day, but, headed out nonetheless. Fished from 6:45 to 10:30am. The air temp was at 48 F and the water temp was at 52.3F. The wind was flat calm and remained so the entire day. The sun was bright and heated the atmosphere quickly.

I launched and fished the shallows of a cove near the ramp and picked up a small black on a crankbait in <3 feet of water.

Once the skies brightened around dawn, I checked around the west side of Dam End Island after seeing 3 herring gulls look a little suspicious there, but that yielded nothing.

I moved uplake and encountered a small armada of boats to the west of the long Union Grove point. It appeared to be a case of "group-itis" where no one was catching fish but everyone else assumed the other guy was…didn’t stay there long. I picked up two small fish there near the channel drop but, fearing a stampede from the armada, decided to leave.

I moved to three midlake, deep area in 35-45 feet and found shad at these areas, but no gamefish to match. I managed 2 solid whites in the vicinity of Dana Peak.

By 10am, it was hot (for Feb.), still calm, and abundantly clear that fish were not going to turn on. I took a quick stop at Area 106, caught a small suspended white and a small suspended black and called it a morning with 7 fish bagged.

TALLY = 7 FISH, all caught and released

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