14 FEBRUARY 2008

Stillhouse Hollow Fishing Report by Fort Hood Fishing Guide Bob Maindelle

Fished a half day morning trip today from 7a to 12 noon with Jerry W. of Harker Heights. At launch time the air temp was 44F and the water surface temp was 53.5F.

A stiff 14 mph breeze was already blowing before sunrise, and slowly increased to 25+ mph by noon, all caused by pre-frontal warming in advance of a cold front due in tomorrow. The skies remained grey and moderately bright all morning.

We fished a series of gentle rises in the main lake today with slabs between 22 and 27 feet deep. Although birds were present in the early morning, they offered no assistance in finding fish, so we relied on experience and sonar to find them. We found and caught fish at each of the 3 areas we fished, in and around Area 106. At each area we encountered very sluggish fish, most bottom-oriented, with a few suspenders thrown in. We saw no suspended schools of white bass today, only individual suspended fish. Nearly 100% of our fish were taken directly off the bottom. For every 10 or 12 fish showing tight to bottom on sonar we were fortunate to elicit 1 or 2 strikes from them. It was really a matter of staying on top of concentrated fish and waiting for them to turn on, and hoping that we could fool a few before that magic window opened.

Around 10am, a noticeable step up in the wind speed occurred, and a noticeable increase in fish activity accompanied it. We noted a flock of herring gulls beginning to get frisky in a little bit shallower water than we had been slabbing in. We moved up under them and found that black bass and large whites were attacking and stunning bluegill, sending them to the surface, and allowing the gulls some breakfast opportunities. We caught a majority of our fish, and the best quality fish, up shallower under these birds. In all, we managed 41 white bass, of which only 4 were short and of which several hit the 14" mark. We also landed 6 largemouth bass including a very pale 5.75 pounder, as well as a small drum and an average keeper crappie.

By 11:15 the 45 minute peak activity window was beginning to fade. We headed uplake and noted a raft of terns resting on the surface. This was at a location not far from the channel and in an area being buffeted by the wind, so we stopped and searched with sonar, and added a sunfish and a small keeper white bass to the tally. By noon everything was done.


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