04 NOVEMBER 2008

Belton Lake Fishing Report by Belton Lake Fishing Guide Bob Maindelle

Fished a half day afternoon trip with Billy W. and Scott L. today.


Start Time: 1:30p

End Time: 6:20p

Air Temp: 78F at trip’s start

Water Temp: 69F

Wind: High winds were a factor today. The forecast called for 8-15 from the S., but we got 20+ winds until 3:15, then they tapered down to 9 by trip’s end.

Skies: Skies were partly cloudy all day.

Prior to the trip’s start, I scoured Area 305 with sonar given that it was partially protected from the stiff S. wind. I found a few, individual fish holding tight to the bottom, but they ignored a slab jigged in and around them. Landed one 3.5 pound largemouth that was suspended at mid-depth over this area.

Picked Billy and Scott up at 1:30 sharp and we headed out and checked Area 152 to Area 301 and found bait, but no gamefish here. We then checked Area 150 to Area 294 and found scattered, suspended white bass at 20-30 feet deep over 42-44 feet. These fish did not respond to downrigged artificials nor drifted live bait.

We then headed to Area 211 and began to find find fish holding deep on the breakline. We enjoyed a mixed bag of solid, 3 year old white bass, as well as just-keeper hybrids in this area as we downrigged with White Willows and Pet Spoons. At one point, we encountered a sizeable congregation of fish on the breakline just to the NE of Area 295 and, after doubling up on the ‘rigger baits, began casting slabs over these fish and stayed in fish for 45 minutes solid with both clients taking fish on every 2nd or 3rd cast during that time. Once this action wound down, the fishing was just about over in this deepwater area. We managed 3 more whites on the downriggers afterwards, and then headed for some final shallow water live bait action before dark.

Right at sunset, we put 3 shad down on tightlines at Area 302. On our first drift of about 70 yards, we scored 1 hybrid and 1 white. On our second drift, we scored an additional hybrid and missed a second fish. Our 3 and 4th drift went unanswered.

We wrapped up right at the point of darkness with 48 fish boated.

TALLY = 48 FISH, all caught and released, except one deeply hooked white bass

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