13 NOVEMBER 2008 (PM)

Fished a solo half day morning trip on Stillhouse followed by a half day evening trip on Belton with Mr. Rodney T. of Belton. The reports for these two trips appear separately.

Start Time: 1:15p

End Time: 6:25p

Air Temp: 70F at trip’s start, warming into the low 70’s by day’s end

Water Temp: 69.1F

Wind: Winds were moderate from the SE at 12 from trip’s start until after sunset, and then increased slightly

Skies: Skies were lightly overcast and grey the until around 11:30am today. Skies then cleared to fair, with clouds building to the N in the afternoon.

Fishing was a bit spotty today until we got into some sub-surface schooling fish right at and after sunset.

We began our trip checking out the deep water between Area 187 and Area 83. We saw single fish holding tight to the bottom throughout this area, but no schooled fish, nor any bait. We slabbed here briefly, with only 3 fish to show for the effort.

Our next success came at/near Area 307. We found fish suspended at 25-33 feet deep here, with a sprinkling of fish across the bottom. We smoked one white bass on a slab and landed 2 more on the downrigger.

We then headed to Area 295 and picked up 2 whites by downrigging and 2 via slab. We witnessed schooled fish on sonar near bottom but couldn’t get these fish to hit as we worked our slabs over them.

We stopped briefly at Area 313 and picked up 1 short hybrid, 1 crappie, and 2 white bass.

At this point, sunset was nearly upon us, so we decided to hit a shallower area for the last bite of the day. We found fish pushing shad to the surface as indicated by some light gull activity from Area 309 out to Area 310. We landed 42 fish in the last 45 minutes of the day including 4 keeper hybrid, 2 short hybrid, 1 largemouth, and 35 keeper whites.

TALLY = 56 FISH, all caught and released

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