01 DECEMBER 2008 — 66 FISH

Fished a short morning trip on Stillhouse this morning to see how yesterday’s weather and heavy winds might have moved the fish and bait around.

Start Time: 6:35a

End Time: 10:05a

Air Temp: 47F at sunrise (slightly obscured by a low, distant cloud bank), warming only into the high 50’s due to the arrival of a dry front on brisk NW winds.

Water Temp: 59F

Wind: Winds were NNW at sunrise at 12-15mph, and steadily built and turned WNW to 22mph by trip’s end. Gusts reached 30 by mid afternoon.

Skies: Skies clear all day. The low cloud bank in the morning delayed the sun’s appearance by about 25 minutes only.

More and more birds are arriving with each front, making the fish location equation a little easier to solve. Today, I spent about 30 minutes between Area 112 and Area 257 to establish if the fish were going to feed this morning and, if so, to what degree. I found them quite active, but they took a bit longer to get going. The skies were brighter today when the feeding peaked than during the peak of the feed over the past several days. I took 20 fish, all solid white bass at 11-13 inches from this area and then departed while they were still active to search out additional concentrations of active fish in other areas while the feed was still on. Birds were helpful here.

I moved on and looked over Areas 100 and 101 without result.

I moved on and found healthy concentrations of white bass both on bottom and suspended at 13 feet over a 23 foot bottom between Areas 324 and 106. Fish were occasionally driving shad to the top which attracted some bird activity. I caught fish on both a smoking retrieve and on a lift-drop retrieve. Horizontal lift-dropping fell short. I managed 44 fish from this area in about 90 minutes; the catch included 3 drum, 2 largemouth bass with one going 7.0 pounds (PHOTO BELOW), and 39 white bass. All came on slabs.

Around 10a, a call came in from a tenant at our rental property that they had toilet problems. Had to pack up and prepare for some “crappie” fishing.

TALLY = 66 FISH, all caught and released

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