Stillhouse Fishing Guide Report – 14 Dec. 2009 – 14 FISH

Just fished a quick 2 hour trip this morning to see what was going on. It was clear, cold, and calm — poor winter conditions — so I didn’t expect much. Slack winds = slack fish activity and that was the name of the game this morning.

Start Time: 7:15am

End Time: 9:30am

Air Temp: 41F at trip’s start

Water Surface Temp: ~53 to 54F (a bit of a warmup following a clear, warm, sunny day yesterday)

Wind: Winds were calm.

Skies: We had fair skies at sunrise and for the majority of the day today.

I got out this morning and things were very quiet with little natural sign offering clues to fish location.

I fished 4 areas catching just a few reluctant fish at 3 of them. All fish came on the 3/8 oz. TNT 180 (Jeff at Salado Creek Outfitters carries them locally).

I hit Area 385 first, and jigged up 2 white bass, but they were stubborn and I just didn’t have that 6th sense feeling that things were going to turn on here.

I moved to Area 549 (BA:8T) and jigged for 7 whites in 27 feet here.

I moved to Area 558 (BA:3T) and jigged for 5 whites here right on the breakline.

Every fish hit an intentionally paused slab with no follows on hooked fish — it was just very slow.

TALLY = 14 FISH, all caught and released