Fished There … Caught That … Got the T-Shirt — Belton, 66 Fish, 27 Nov. 2010

Today saw the return of southerly winds following our coldest cold front of the season thus far. Overnight temperatures dropped to 30F and we had our first area-wide hard frost last night. I chose to fish in the afternoon to avoid the calm conditions forecast through noon today.

I took a houseful of Thanksgiving guests out for a quick afternoon run at the white bass. My nephew, Trent, my brother, Andy, and Andy’s father-in-law, Bill from Atlanta, GA, all came aboard today.

Jeff Warren of Salado Creek Outfitters is giving away logo T-shirts with purchases over $20. I posed in mine with my Belton Lake slab-caught crappie. Yes, that’s a TNT180 3/4 oz. white & chartreuse slab he took a swipe at, and yes, Jeff’s the only guy in town that sells them!

Bill, holding the fish, flanked by Trent (R) and Andy (L) said he swore off any more “bobbers from the bank” routines after this, his first experience pursuing fish by boat at age 66.

Long story short, we just had a fun time chasing birds and letting them point the way to fish today. We found our first bunch of fish via sonar at Area 691 and jigged for 11 fish (10 whites and a crappie).

Later, after 3:30 and until just before sunset, two distinct flocks of birds worked over two different areas, Area 694 and 695/696, and led us to a nice mess of small whites (and 1 short black bass), all caught via a smoking retrieve on 3/8 and 3/4 oz. TNT180’s. These active fish pushed bait up into water as shallow as 13 feet.

By sunset, all was quiet.

TALLY = 66 Fish, all caught and released


Start Time: 2:15pm

End Time: 5:35p

Air Temp: 58F at trip’s start..

Water Surface Temp: ~63.5F

Wind: Winds were S6-7.

Skies: Skies were clear and blue.

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