Stay-In-Touch Trips — 18 & 20 July 2011 — 19 Fish & 25 Fish Respectively

This week of 18-22 July, I’ve been intensively involved leading our church’s Vacation Bible School and did not book any trips so as to devote full attention to that effort. I did make it out on two evenings on Stillhouse just to try to keep up with the movements of bait and gamefish with the rapidly dropping water levels so once my schedule lightens I can once again get clients right on the fish.

Densely grouped white bass on this area made for very productive slabbing while they “stayed put”, which usually isn’t too long in the summer when fish metabolism is high and fish are patrolling regularly.

These two evenings I found the fish fairly sedentary until about the last hour before sunset. On the 18th, with calmer winds, I found “wolfpacks” of largemouth bass and some larger schools of white bass pushing bait to the top and feeding at the surface just briefly to the E of Area 251. I observed these fish as I fished on Area 251 after seeing excellent sonar readings of fish using this underwater irregularity. Both evenings fish were located on the side of this feature impacted by the wind.

On the 18th I boated 14 white bass all by way of slabbing, as well as 5 topwater largemouth on a Cork Rig. On the 20th, there was no observable topwater action. I caught 24 white bass and 1 drum, all on the slab.

TALLY = 19 Fish on 18 July and 25 Fish on 20 July.


Start Time: 6:30p

End Time: 8:45p

Air Temp: 98F at trip’s start.

Water Surface Temp: ~85.2 to 85.7F

Wind: Winds were S4 on 18 July and SSE8 on 20 July.

Skies: Skies were fair and 20% clouded with cumulus clouds.