Salado Creek Outfitters Closing — 50% Off Sale Now Taking Place

Dear Blog Readers,

I got the following unfortunate message from Jeff Warren and wanted to pass this along to help him out …

Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 1:02 PM

Subject: Salado Creek Outfitters: Store Closing Sale

It is with regret that I notify you of our decision to close Salado Creek Outfitters. The drought and heat this summer took a real toll on our business and we have decided to close the store.

We have a huge selection of all types of sporting goods that we are offering at 50% off during this time. We have an especially good selection of Salado Eagles merchandise at these sale prices. Please come in and take advantage of this offer and help us liquidate our inventory.


Jeff Warren


Salado Creek Outfitters

“Gear Up for Adventure”


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