Rockpointe Church Crew Gets a Day Out of the Office! 45 Fish, 19 April 2012

This morning I fished with returning guests from Rockpointe Church in Leander, TX. Today’s crew consisted of Shane (church’s Small Group Leader and Building Project Leader), his teenaged daughter, Grace, the church’s Youth Pastor, Mario, and one of Mario’s volunteers, Eddie.

Shane and Mario landed this double of just-keeper sized hybrid all of 5 seconds apart.

And just minutes later Eddie and Grace landed this pair of largemouth from the exact same area.

The festivities began right away when “it was announced” that the person catching the first fish got the honor of buying everyone else lunch. Mario was the winner of that contest, so, when he made a call to his wife to check his balance to see how big of a lunch he could afford, Eddie suggested he push the envelope and ask her for a boat loan while he was at it! Eddie, by the way, is from southern California and had only been fishing once before at the age of 12 and remembered landing only a small sunfish during that trip, so, he really made up for lost time today by boating a number of nice fish and demonstrating good technique as he did so.

We’re now in week three of the annual shad spawn on Belton and the shad were fairly easy to catch at Area 502. Today the gamefish were a bit less cooperative than they have been, but that was mainly a function of high winds slamming into the high percentage areas the fish have been using — I think there is plenty of good fishing yet to come before the spawn comes to a close.

Some wind is always good for hybrid and white bass fishing, but, when live bait fishing, too much wind is counterproductive; this happens when swells begin to form and lift the boat up and down over and over again making the live bait appear unnatural and also causing more trauma to the live bait. To some extent longer leaders can help buffer the problem, but they only do so much.

We also encountered small and tentative fish today that killed or stole our baits without being hooked — this also leads to reduced productivity.

Regardless of these downside factors, we still caught plenty of fish and some good quality fish, as well. Areas 1068, 1070, and 1073 all produced today, with 1070 and 1073 providing most of the action.

We used only live shad today. I did experiment from time to time with slabs, but the fish were just not interested.

Congratulations, Rockpointe, on the construction of your new building, I know that has been a long time in coming! After 10 years of putting up and taking down folding tables and chairs in your temporary accommodations, you won’t know what to do that first Sunday!

TALLY = 45 FISH, all caught and released

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Start Time: 7:45a

End Time: 12:45a

Air Temp:59F at trip’s start.

Water Surface Temp: 72.0F

Wind: Winds were SSE15 with regular higher gusts.

Skies: Skies were fair with 20% clouds.

Other Notes: Reliable source reported topwater action to the north of Area 502 in the evening.

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