A Bit “Fin”-icky Today, Belton Fishing Guide’s Report — 54 Fish, 15 Nov. 2013

This morning I fished
with Alan D., a professional engineer who recently relocated with his company from east Texas to Austin.  Alan has been here since May and, after getting established, is now trying to sample the fishing a little at a time.

Kind of an average “between the fronts” fall day today.  The fish were a bit sluggish and we had to hop around to put together our catch.  Vertically jigging with slabs was the ticket.

The fish didn’t really put on a show for us today, but, that’s not unexpected for these “lull” days in between fronts.  The “cycle” on fishing the cold fronts usually involves spectacular fishing as the winds shift (typically very quickly, maybe 2-3 hours’ time) from the SW to the NW.  The fishing then crashes in the calm day or two following the front, then picks back up to “average” on the several days of S wind prior to the next front.  We were in the S wind period today.

We caught fish consistently from start to finish, but had to move around a lot to do it, and never caught more than a dozen fish at one area before the fish either moved on or lost interest and shut off.  There was a bit of helpful bird activity, but, the bird activity simply mimicked the fish action.  The birds would get “frisky” for a few minutes, perhaps grab a shad or two, then have to continue searching as the fish only fed briefly in a given area.

For our efforts, we landed 47 fish up until the time of Alan’s departure around 11:20 (he had to get back to the office to finish a proposal), however, we spotted a few birds on our way back to drop him off.  Once Alan was safely on the shore and headed home, I returned to the ‘scene of the crime’, found 2 cormorants and 4 gulls working, and picked up 7 more fish here.  They, too, then turned off rather quickly as the rest of the fish had all morning.

Everything we caught today came on white, 3/4 oz. TNT 180 slabs fished vertically, save 2 whites we took on tailspinners up shallow, and 2 whites we took on downriggers when we found some scattered fish late in the morning. 

TALLY = 54 FISH, all caught and released




Start Time: 6:40a
End Time: 11:25p

Air Temp: 53F at trip’s start.

Water Surface Temp: 64.0F 

Winds were SSE7-10.

Skies: 100% clouded for first 2 hours, then clearing rapidly to fair.

Other Notes: GT=25

Areas Fished with success:

**  1286 (6G)
**  083/963 (8G/3T)

**  714
**  834 (12G)
**  294
**  1294 (2C, 4G)

Bob Maindelle

Holding the Line Guide Service


Salado, Texas