Deer Camp 2013 – 85 Fish, Stillhouse Hollow Lake Guide’s Report, 30 Nov. 2013

This afternoon I fished on Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir with father and son team Joe and Joey R. of Georgetown, TX.


Joe and Joey close out a nice Thanksgiving weekend at “deer camp” with a side trip spent fishing for white bass.

Joey got this one all by himself!

Joe is a landscaper by trade; he and his family
spend holidays at a deer camp near Salado.  We met about a year ago as I
was coming into the dock following a fishing trip on Stillhouse.  We
struck up a conversation, I gave him a business card, we stayed in
touch, and finally, today, made it happen for him and his son.

improved this afternoon over this morning as the winds picked up a bit,
the winds shifted to due S. from out of the SE, and the skies, though
still clouded, brightened a good bit.
is only 5 years old and cool-weather fishing involves nearly 100%
vertical jigging which requires concentration and is somewhat technical.
 So, I started our trip off with a lesson on jigging for Joe, then
one-on-one’d with Joey to keep him engaged to the point where both of
them could enjoy the outing.
made 5 stops and caught fish steadily at 3 of them.  100% of our fish
came off the bottom via a vertical jigging approach using the 3/4 oz.
TNT 180 slab.  Mixed in with the white bass was the occasional
freshwater drum, but no other 
by-catch today.
Joey did take rod in hand and fish (and caught fish independently),
there were a few other things he took more of a liking to.  These
included:  1) using my water-bailing scoop as a transfer scoop to
deposit unhooked fish back into the lake with, 2) using my Boga Grip to
to transfer unhooked fish to the livewell with for photos, and 3) taking digital
photos with a broken smart phone he’d been entrusted with by his mom for
the weekend.   Actually, “taking digital photos” is an understatement
— I believe he was actually creating a moment-by-moment photo
documentary of our trip which clearly portrayed every single piece of
fishing equipment on my boat. 

Occasionally, dad would issue a
“challenge” to see who could hook and land a fish the quickest or see
whose fish was the biggest.   And so it went … Joe and I worked to make
sure that young Joey enjoyed his big day in the outdoors.  And he did!!

the sun (which finally shone directly for about 40 minutes) was about
30 minutes away from setting beneath the western horizon, it became
obscured by a grey cloud bank.  When this happened, our winds also died
out, and the fishing tapered off very quickly right around 5pm.

TALLY = 85 FISH, all caught and released



Start Time: 1:45p
End Time: 5:45p
Air Temp: 58F at trip’s start.

Water Surface Temp: 57F 
Wind: Winds were S8-9 and tapering to near calm in the last 30 minutes.
Skies: 100% cloudy and grey until ~4:20p when the sun broke through briefly.

Other Notes: GT=20

Areas Fished with success:
**  074   (35 fish)
**  1039  (14 fish)
**  1301/1302 (36 fish)(7T)

Bob Maindelle
Holding the Line Guide Service


Salado, Texas