From “Quid Pro Quo” to “Fish Too Slow”, 20 Jan. 2014, Belton Lake, 8 Fish

morning I fished with long-time guests John, Kelly, and Matthew M. of Temple.

From L to R: John, Matthew, and Kelly M of Temple teamed up to tackle a tough white bass bite on Belton this morning.

If you’ve read this blog any length of time, you know I try to “keep it real” by posting exact fish counts (kept with a manual tally counter on me at all times during a trip), never exaggerating lengths or weights, and by posting my results, including all the good and all the bad.

Today we had a below average result on a day with above average winter weather conditions.

This was particularly disappointing after coming off of a day with less than optimal weather conditions in which we had above average results this past Saturday.

The early morning breeze, thin cloud cover and southerly component to the wind, in addition to the 3-day warming trend had me hopeful.  And, indeed, we got right on top of active fish just at sunrise. But, after just an hour, and with 8 fish boated, the fish just shut down and that was the end of the action.

We never saw any actively feeding birds, and I observed a number of boats, some belonging to knowledgeable locals, moving constantly which tells me they were not finding fish, either.  It was just plain tough.

Fortunately, this family has fished with me through good, bad, and average, and knows we can’t knock the ball out of the park every time.

The fish we did catch were all caught on white, 3/4 oz. TNT 180 slabs fished in 42-47 feet of water.  A majority of the fish struck as we used an “easing” tactic to draw striikes.

TALLY = 8 FISH, all caught and released



Start Time: 7:15a
End Time: 12:10p
Air Temp: 51F at trip’s start.
Water Surface Temp: 49F 
Wind: SSE7 at sunrise, shifting and building to S14 by trip’s end
Skies: Clear
Other Notes: GT0

Areas Fished with success:

**  1324 (0 B)

Bob Maindelle
Holding the Line Guide Service

Salado, Texas

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