Rainy Day in Sun City — Seminar on Belton & Stillhouse, 11 Feb. 2014

At the invitation of club officer Mr. Jim Key, I presented a
seminar today before a strong showing of the Sun City Hunting and Fishing
Club.  About 200 Sun City club members
turned out on this cold, dreary day with a light freezing rain falling.

Mr. Jim Key presents me with a Sun City Hunting and Fishing Club hat and honorary membership in the club. 

Over 200 members turned out from this Del Webb retirement community club.

We gathered in the warm main auditorium of the Social Center
at 2 Texas Drive for a 2pm start.  After
a few matters of housekeeping I took the podium and spoke about fishing through
the seasons on Belton & Stillhouse for about 30 minutes.  The main purpose of the presentation was to
introduce those who weren’t aware of the Belton/Stillhouse fishery to these
fisheries just 50 minutes to their north. 
I also compared and contrasted the two fisheries and shared with them
the various services I provide as a guide.

At the close of the presentation I fielded questions from
the audience and then held over to the close of the meeting to speak one-on-one
with those who wanted to dig deeper and put hands on some of the rod and reel
combinations I used.

The club generously presented me with a speaker’s fee, an
embroidered fishing hat, and an honorary membership in the club.

I have visited with many of our local clubs through the
years providing such seminars and this was by far the largest local club I’ve
interacted with.  Their membership stands
at over 350 and nearly two-thirds turned out for this monthly meeting.   I attribute this to both the retired status
of the membership, but also to the very active schedule of events they keep,
and to a solid, conscientious leadership structure.

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