WHO I FISHED WITH:  This morning, Wednesday, December 29th, I fished with Mr. Kyle Kirkes and his two young children, Kinsley, age 8, and Easton, age 5.

Kyle and I put this together at the last minute after a client’s work schedule prevented them from joining me on what was forecast to be a balmy, pre-frontal weather scenario.

Kyle phoned me, asked what I thought about the fishing given the kids’ ages, and we agreed to give it a go.

Here is how the fishing went …


My next few openings will be on January 5th & 12th.  Weekday mornings are always best.


PHOTO CAPTION: From left: Easton, Kyle, and Kinsley Kirkes on what might have been one of the last few kid-friendly fishing days of the fall/winter season.  The kids landed 79 fish in right at 3 hours using Bladed Hazy Eye Slabs.


WHEN WE FISHED: Wednesday (AM), 29 December 2021


A very mild front was due in today and, although it did materialize, it was even milder than forecast.  We had minimal winds today, no obviously noticeable wind shift, and little clearing in the afternoon.

Still, what weather we did experience was sufficient to turn the fish on.  The kids stayed engaged for right at 3 hours, and, fortunately, the fish cooperated well that entire time.  In fact, we left them biting at around 10:40.

Feeding gulls working bait over top of white bass pointed the way to our first 2 hours of action.  Although the bird activity was not constant nor heavy, by observing them we had good intel on where to probe with sonar once the fish we were on tapered off.

At one point Kyle and I though the birds had given up, but with what we nick-named her “Bird Spotting Spidey Sense”, Kinsley spied another flock of about 8 gulls working in the light fog (and blending in with it quite well!). This opened the door to another 20 fish or so landed and added to our tally.

We made five stops this morning and caught 12-20 fish at each one.

Due to its simplicity and efficacy, we used Bladed Hazy Eye Slabs (white, 3/8 oz.) 100% of the time this morning; and we used them with a slow-smoking tactic 100% of the time.

Although I’ve certainly had more productive trips numbers-wise lately, when I take a look at this morning’s big picture, I consider it a solid win … putting young elementary-aged kids who had never used spinning gear before on 79 fish in just under three hours in late December is not an easy task, nor a task that can routinely be done this time of year.  Our conditions were just right and the kids were eager to do well, and for that I’m thankful.

When all was said and done, we landed exactly 79 fish, including 2 largemouth bass, 4 juvenile hybrid striped bass, 3 freshwater drum, and 70 white bass.

Bladed Hazy Eye Slabs and MAL Lures found here:

TALLY: 79 fish caught and released

OBSERVATIONS: We enjoyed pre-frontal fishing without the wild pre-frontal storms, high winds, or dropping temperatures normally associated with a front’s arrival.


Start Time: 7:40A

End Time: 10:40A

Air Temp. @ Trip’s Start:  66F

Elevation: 2.27 feet low, 0.01 fall in last 24 hours, 34 CFS flow

Water Surface Temp: 63.2F

Wind Speed & Direction:  SSW6 at trip’s start and for about 75 minutes, then varying between 3-5 SW thereafter.

Sky Condition: We had the lightest of fog prior to sunrise, turning to fully greyed skies for the entire trip.

Moon Phase: Waning crescent moon at 24% illumination.

GT = 25




Area 156 – all fish on a slow-smoked Bladed Hazy Eye Slab (3/8 oz. white)

Area B0119G -all fish on a slow-smoked Bladed Hazy Eye Slab (3/8 oz. white)

Area B0120G – all fish on a slow-smoked Bladed Hazy Eye Slab (3/8 oz. white)

Area 1286 – all fish on a slow-smoked Bladed Hazy Eye Slab (3/8 oz. white)

Area B0025G – all fish on a slow-smoked Bladed Hazy Eye Slab (3/8 oz. white)


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