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Fishing Guide

Belton Lake

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Bob Maindelle


White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass

Specializing in Catch & Release


Holding The Line Guide Service - based in Salado, Texas, in pursuit of the game fish of Texas

Specializing in angling for white bass and hybrid strriped bass

Focusing on Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Belton Lake, and Lake Georgetown

Light tackle Catch and Release Fishing

FOR RESERVATIONS, 254-368-7411 or

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Q: What is provided on my trip?

A: I provide the following:

Q: What questions should I ask a guide before booking a trip?

A: Whether you book with me or not, you should ask any guide you are considering booking with the following questions, at a minimum:

Q: How would you answer the above "pre-trip" questions you recommend I ask?

A: Here are my answers:

    Labor Day, knowing the crowding will prevent you from being as successful as you will be on a weekday.

Q: Why do you have a 100% catch-and-release policy?

A: In a typical year, my customers and I will boat from 15,000 to 20,000 fish or more, almost all of which are caught out of Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir. If these fish were not returned to the environment, our fisheries would suffer. I am not the only guide who works these waters, and there is plenty of intelligent non-professional pressure on these bodies of water, as well. It seems very short-sighted to me to think we can take and take and take and never give back and still expect a quality fishery. So, in the interest of conservation and in the interest of preserving the excellent fishery we now enjoy, I have decided that all the fish we take must be returned to the water. Yes, I know I forfeit a few trips due to this, but, I feel the respect I gain from those who understand why I do what I do is more than worth the few dollars I didn't earn while turning a blind eye to those who would kill all they catch. Think about it ... we all want big fish and lots of them; yet, no fish continues to grow or reproduce after it is filleted!!

Q: You refer to numbered "areas" in your fishing reports. Are these areas shown on any kind of map?

A: Up until 2007, I provided in my fishing reports fairly detailed descriptions of the places where I'd been catching fish. Unfortunately, this courtesy was abused when on multiple occasions persons used this information and began fishing so close to me and my clients that I actually had my buoy line snagged, my anchor rope snagged, interference appear on my sonar equipment due to others' units being in close proximity, etc. It was then that I decided I had to stop being so liberal with the information I shared. I now identify my productive areas with GPS waypoints and store these on my boat's chartplotter. This allows me to report on productive areas so I can review past successes without divulging these location to the general public. As the saying goes, "One bad apple spoils the whole barrel".

Q: Do you fish year 'round?

A: Yes, I fish 12 months a year. For the cold weather months of Nov. through Feb., I recommend the following dress:

Q: Do you also fish during a trip with customers on board?

A: Yes, I typically do fish briefly during a least a portion of the trip, typically when we first arrive at a new area.  I do this to ascertain the activity level of the fish, to determine how they are taking baits or lures, and to figure out any presentation tweaks that must be used in order to provoke strikes. Only after understanding these things myself can I do an adequate job of coaching my guests to emulate these things so they, too, have success. Once we figure out how fish want a presentation, I stop fishing, take a backseat, and quickly release your caught fish for you so you can get back and catch more!

Q: What should I bring with me on my trip?

A: You should bring the following:

Q: Is there anything of interest for the non-angler to do?


In Salado: Art Galleries, Antiques, Crafts, Women's Fashions, Stagecoach Inn, B&B's galore, Carriage Rides

In Austin: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Museum, Congress Street Bat Flight, Austin City Limits Tour, LBJ Library, Texas State Capitol Complex, Governor's Mansion, Bob Bullock State History Museum, Junk Cathedral, iFly, Top Golf

In Belton: Summer Fun USA Water Park, U. of Mary Hardin Baylor, Bell Co. Museum, Cochran Blair & Potts Dept. Store, Miller’s Smokehouse BBQ

In Ft. Cavazos: 1st Calvary Museum, 4th Infantry Museum, Mayborn Planetarium, Wal-Mart, Restaurant Row (must show ID to obtain a visitor’s pass)

In Round Rock: AAA Baseball Team "Round Rock Express" at Dell Diamond, Innerspace Caverns, Salt Lick BBQ

In San Marcos: Aquarena Center, Wonder World Cave, Commemorative Air Force

In Waco: Dr. Pepper Museum, Texas Ranger Museum, Cameron Park Zoo, Mayborn Museum, Sports Hall of Fame

Q: Do you fish in any other lakes?

A: The five lakes I primarily fish are Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir, Belton Lake, Granger Lake, Decker Lake (a.k.a. Walter E. Long Reservoir) and Lake Georgetown. I will gladly consider fishing elsewhere on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you would like me to come to you and teach you to vertical jig or to fish with downriggers on "your lake" with my equipment, we can work such a project out. Obviously, standard rates will not apply.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for local lodging?

A: There are two establishments I recommend locally.  I have had nothing but positive input from my clients who have stayed at these locations.  For those fishing Stillhouse, I suggest the Holiday Inn Express in Salado (254.947.4004).  For those fishing Belton, I suggest either the Holiday Inn Express in Salado (254.947.4004) or the LaQuinta in Belton (254.939.2772). See links for these locations on a separate webpage on this site under the Links tab.

Q: What about a fishing license?

A: Clients 17 and older MUST have a license, but that need not be expensive. Read on ...

Q: Where may I purchase a fishing license?

A: I strongly suggest that you purchase your license before you travel to the area. Fishing licenses are available at all Academy & Wal-Mart stores in Texas. Should advanced purchase not be possible, these local outlets are available. Please attempt to secure your license no later than the night before your trip. We cannot fish without a license, and we stand a chance of missing the early bite on a morning trip if we're not out at first light: