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Fishing Guide

Belton Lake

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Bob Maindelle


White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass

Specializing in Catch & Release


Holding The Line Guide Service - based in Salado, Texas, in pursuit of the game fish of Texas

Specializing in angling for white bass and hybrid strriped bass

Focusing on Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Belton Lake, and Lake Georgetown

Light tackle Catch and Release Fishing

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There's nothing better than word of mouth advertising and nothing more rewarding than a customer telling you they are pleased with your service.

Here are some comments from my clients . . .


It was an amazing, unforgettable trip that I know we will always remember.  I'm very happy my dad found you.  I gave your card to my brother in law for he and his son, and he is very excited about the prospect of doing this with you. He may want Isabel and I to join, so I may see you sooner than perhaps we thought!

You really are to be commended for your professionalism and the way you work with kids.  I am happy to know you're out there providing this service for families and others who are interested. Isabel has been talking non-stop about the fish: their look, feel, smell, and the thrill of the catch.

Well done, sir!”

Derek Matthews, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Temple, TX

“First off...... we had a great day fishing with you, when we showed up, I was hoping to just CATCH a fish, as we haven’t had much luck this winter.   To not only catch many fish, but use the time to discuss techniques, signs, learn how to interpret my fishfinder, all in one trip...... it was more than worth getting up at O dark thirty.   You were professional, honest, and willing to miss lunch to let us keep fishing, and we both appreciate it.   I just hope that you DIDN’T miss lunch.....   Neither Gaby nor I wanted to reel in the lines and go home, we were having such a good time, catching so many fish this near to Christmas..... thank you !   We will definitely be seeing you again, as the seasons change, and the techniques needed differ, we will be calling you to get out there and see how it is supposed to be done. Thanks !”

Ray Behan, U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officer, Killeen, TX


I want to let you know how very impressed I was with your sonar training. It was so comprehensive. Your attention to detail is amazing. As I told you at the end of my session, I have never learned so much in few hours. I am confident that I can now go out and find fish with my electronics with the tools you have given me. I know it will take some practice on my part but I now know what to look for. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to understand their electronics and to learn how to find fish. It was money so well spent. Thank you again for a great learning experience. I intend to book a fishing trip soon to further my learning. When you spend a couple thousand bucks on electronics it’s a no-brainer to spend less than $200 to learn how to use it.   Have a great day.

–Gary Wike, General Services Administration Retiree, Sun City, TX


First of all I want to thank you for running such a professional service on top of that one that is kid friendly.   It is very hard these days to find any service that people go above and beyond what is expected.  Your willingness to work with kids and help educate them on the sport of fishing is exceptional.  This requires a patient teacher and one that can quickly recognize how to connect with the kids in order to get them to listen and at the same time enjoy what they are doing.  I would gladly recommend your service to anyone considering this type of trip.   We hope to see you in the near future and try out your new boat.”

Brian Hefley, Senior Estimator, MW Builders, Salado, TX


I would like to give you a huge thanks for such a great experience on Belton Lake this past Friday. Having the limited experience I do, I wasn't sure what to expect. Any expectations I had were blown away. You were fun to fish and work with, and gave me a wonderful experience I will not forget. Thank you for a great time, and know that I will surely pursue this as a new hobby and interest. Of course I know I will not have quite the same action but that's okay. Again a huge thank you.”

Sincerely, Johnny Hess, City of Belton Public Works Dept., Belton, TX

"Bob is a true professional and I think he could catch fish without a rod. We have so much fun on the lake! I've been out with Bob 4 or 5 times now and usually catch too many fish to even count!!! He will be the only guide I want to go fishing with. Bob knows what he is doing and makes it so much fun! I love taking my 14 year daughter with me! Bob is a great guy, has a good heart, and is great with kids. We had a blast. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!"

Shane McNamara, State Farm Claims Adjuster, Leander, TX

"You are without a doubt the most efficient, detail-oriented, organized fishing guide I've ever known! We're hardly off the water and you've got pictures sent out and your blog online. Thanks again for the great day."

Dr. George B. Ward, University of Texas History Professor (Retired), Austin, TX

"Mr. Maindelle, I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic fishing trip. My boys have not stopped talking about the great things you taught us! We had a blast! Your professionalism and Christian spirit made for a perfect morning. We can't wait for our next trip! "

Dr. Jason Degenhardt D.C., Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, Harker Heights, TX

"Bob we learned a lot. We will fish with you again. I can't wait to use the things I learned. Your detailed descriptions will help me on any body of water. My goal was to understand the controlled depth fishing, or Down-rigging, the thermocline and it's role, the methods and where to look for fish were all explained. Ben and I were very impressed by your easy going teaching style and the friendly upbeat atmosphere. I will book with you in the future to learn more and enjoy your company as well. Catching all those fish on a less than ideal day was a great bonus. You are a great guide. "

Zacch Smith, President and Owner, PRICON L.L.C., Multi-Family Drywall and Painting Contractors, Troy, TX

"Dear Bob, As a Council and supporter of our Pastor we really appreciate the wonderful time you showed our Pastor when he was on his fishing trip. When he speaks of his trip his eyes light up and he talks about how much he enjoyed it ... He really had a great time and we look forward to using your services again in the future."

Robert Davis, Financial Secretary, Knights of Columbus Council 10373, Pflugerville, TX

"Thanks again for another great trip. The kids had a great time as usual but we all learned something new and I have learned a great deal watching you work with both my kids. I am amazed at how you are able to operate the boat, watch the graphs, help 2 kids, and look for birds at the same time!!! I can see the right setup and equipment are part of the equation but you have a real talent for multi-tasking and making it seem easy."

Charles Chappel, Professional Firefighter, Houston-Hobby Airport, Houston, TX

"Bob, Thanks so much for everything -- your patience with my 20-questions emails before the trip; all your help, guidance, and encouragement during the trip; the photos and the blog-writeup afterward. You provided a simply amazing trip for our daughter. Jess loved every minute of it and is definitely hooked. She can't wait to go out again... if only there weren't this pesky thing called school! LOL! I am so glad to have found your service -- you were perfect for her first excursion into what I think is going to be a very long-term pursuit. Holding the Line Guide Service definitely gets a thumbs-up from our family! Absolutely AWESOME!"

Jenn Dietz, Church Webmaster, Round Rock, TX

"What a pleasure to spend a day fishing with Bob! He is patient, knowledgeable, a good listener, teacher, and guide all wrapped into one. This was my first fishing trip with a guide and it was very great experience. Thanks Bob!"

Raul Gallo, Computer Programmer, Harker Heights, TX

"Thanks again for all of your hard work getting me on fish and teaching me new methods and techniques, I found your advice on live bait fishing, jigging, downrigging and more effective ways of using sonar to be immediately effective and I will definitely be getting more from my sonar and downriggers from now on. I find that it's always worth getting a professional guide because I learn so much from them, your guide services and professionalism were were outstanding. I would reccommend your services to anyone who wants to learn about fishing or to perfect their fishing techniqes, I had a great time and if I'm back this way again I'll be looking you up for another fishing trip. "

SFC Jason Willard, U.S. Army Special Forces, Salt Lake City, UT

"Thanks, Bob, for a memorable fishing trip Saturday. Dylan had a blast as well as Jeffrey and I. Your hands-on approach for the kids is great -- teaching them various techniques, lure selection, and information on using conditions [in] determining the depth to fish. I've been on lots of guided fishing trips but never one where the guide was willing to share his tips and secrets. I would recommend this trip for young or old alike. I learned things I didn't know, as well. Thanks again. We wish you continued success."

Jeff Oliver, Owner, Oliver Brothers' Transmissions, Waco, TX

"Hello Bob, thanks so much for a great trip and the extra details [about downrigging]. We had a great time and certainly did learn a lot. I got the downrigger installed on our boat Thursday night and despite the strong winds and clouds the following morning, I took the wife out and we pulled in several fish on our own. The best part was that by the end, my wife was handling the downrigger and I could just drive and work on using the sonar to find fish. I am very grateful that we were able to accomplish all the goals for the trip- give Spencer a great birthday trip while getting him excited about fishing, and that I was able to take away the knowledge that I needed to make sure that our family outings are more productive in the future. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. Best regards,"

Don Nutt, Grandfather, Round Rock, TX

"I contacted Bob to help me with my consistency in catching fish. Frustration was setting in and going 2-3 trips without a single fish was not going to cut it when I start to teach my son to fish. I needed to be able to get on the fish and hold my son's attention. After explaining my situation to Bob he planned a custom trip to fit my needs. The trip was a blast, I felt like a kid again cranking the 140 plus fish into the boat! Bob taught me several techniques I had never seen before and explained in detail how to reproduce each. It has been a week since I had my lesson with Bob. I have been able to translate his techniques to my local lakes and all of them have translated into more fish, including a 6 pound Buckethead [largemouth bass] yesterday morning on Lake Georgetown! It was a true pleasure to fish with Bob, I learned more in one day than I had in the last five years on the water. If only I could teach my son with such enthusiasm and patience. His attention to detail and love of his sport make a future trip with Mr. Maindelle a day on the lake to look forward to."

Matt William, Regional Manager, Walgreen's Pharmacies, Austin, TX

"Bob, Thanks for everything you did and shared with me. The boys said "this was their best fishing trip ever!!!!!" I was just hoping they would have a good time, BUT this far exceeded everyone's expectations. Hope we can do this again in the future. Thanks,"

Ken Schulz, Father of boys, Troy, TX

"Bob, thank you for a great fishing trip, I have been fishing all my life and do pretty well most of the time - but it was nice to to learn some new techniques and have one of the best days I have had on the water."

Rod Turner, Major, U.S. Army, Ft. Eustace, VA

"We had a wonderful time out with Bob. He is not only an experienced fishing guide, he was able to give us lots of interesting information concerning technique. He took his time to explain and demonstrate different techniques for fishing. We enjoyed our experience and would recommend it for anyone/any age. SUPER DAY!!!"

Luanne Miller, Speech Pathologist, Killeen ISD, Harker Heights, TX

"Thanks for the pictures. Susan showed them off to everyone all weekend!!! We had a blast. I was very appreciative of the help you gave me and for showing my wife a good time. She has already said after looking at the rest of your photo gallery that she wants to go with you again and catch an 8 lb bass!!! You will definitely hear from us again!!! We have also recommended you to several of our friends. Thanks again. I know what the boat looks like now so if I see you on the water I will say hello, but I won't "vacuum up all of the fish"!!! Thanks again!"

Craig Miller, Ellison High School, Head Baseball Coach, Killeen, TX

"Bob, thank you for your support of the soldiers and families from the 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery. Your gesture of support significantly enhances the morale of the unit and is truly indicative of your business. Thank you for your contribution to the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Red Dragon Battalion!"

1SG Robert G. Lide & LTC Terry C. Cook, Battalion Commander, 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, Ft. Hood, TX

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Maindelle, thank you so much for the "gifts" of time, talent, expertise, and enthusiasm that you gave to our 5th grade students [while conducting the casting/fishing station at "Eagle Experience" outdoor day]. Our students learned so much and are continuing to talk about the habitats of fish and how to cast. They loved the casting lessons and competition. You are both very gifted with children. Your passion for God's creation and love for people was clearly evident. If you ever want to go into teaching, give me a call. Your participation helped up take a "new step" in reaching our goal of designing science learning experiences for our students that are engaging, memorable, and authentic. Sincerely,"

Sharon Davis, Principal, Nolanville Elementary School, Nolanville, TX

"I caught more fish in one day with Mr. Maindelle than I ever have in my lifetime."

Cadet Charles Ybarra, United States Military Academy, West Point Class of 2011

"There were three of us that went out with Bob. He put us on fish immediately. I took a couple of my college aged kids from my church and they had a BLAST!!! The total for the day was 361 fish. THAT'S RIGHT, 361. If you want to catch fish, you need to call Bob. He know's Stillhouse and Belton Lakes like the back of his hand. We used a jigging method to pull most the fish off the bottom. At times it did not seem fair to the fish because we would catch them as the lure was going down. I WILL USE BOB AGAIN IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE."

Jerry Worley, Owner, Progressive Insurance Agency, Harker Heights, TX

"Bob! Thank you so much for a wonderful day - the boys talked and talked about it (my husband is still grinning from ear to ear). What a great way to spend time together! Thanks again - the pictures are great!!"

Christy Toribio, Killeen, TX

"Bob - Thanks for providing a very memorable experience for Hunter. I am sure it will be a highlight of his youth. We do not have the resources to provide such a successful fishing trip and appreciate that [you] can fill this gap expertly. This trip has exceeded my expectations as well a Hunter's. Thanks again for your efforts,"

Tom Coddrington, Grandfather, Cedar Park, TX

"I didn't hire Bob Maindelle and his guide service, but I did give him a call about Lake Belton. I am a tournament angler and I was fishing an upcoming tournament on Lake Belton, a lake I had never even seen before. I was nervous about going into a tournament blind, so I called Bob. Never having seen the lake before, I wanted to get some idea of what to look for when I got there. He gave me some info of the lake structure and the terrain around it that I was able to focus on pre-fishing to find the fish. Long story short, his tips on what to look for when trying to locate the fish on Belton paid off, found a game plan pre-fishing that we were able to stick to on tournament day and ended up placing 2nd! My thanks go out to Bob and his experience with Lake Belton, I can only imagine what a day on the lake with him would be like, he knows what he's doing! Thank you Bob for your help, I really appreciate it! God Bless,"

Jake Shotz, Texas Tech Anglers Association, Lubbock, TX

"Dear Mr. Maindelle, I'll always remember watching our Peebles [Elementary School] kids cast! What a wonderful, meaningful experience you gave them. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in our science day. Sincerely,"

Gayle Dudley, Principal, Peebles Elementary School, Killeen, TX

"Dear Bob & Rebecca, Thank you so much for participating in our "science adventure" out at the Parrie Haynes Ranch! It was an incredible day of hands-on learning for our students, and we could not have done it without you! The students so enjoyed your session and the "competition" … they are still talking about it! I appreciate your expertise throughout the day - through all ten sessions!! Both of you have had a tremendous impact on the lives of our 5th graders. I appreciate your help and guidance. Sincerely,"

Pam Anderson, Campus Instructional Specialist, Nolanville Elementary School, Nolanville, TX

"Bob is the best fisherman I know! Every time I go fishing with him we always catch fish. I never thought I could be a part of catching 99 fish in one trip until I went with Bob. He knows what to do, when to do it, and how to set those fishing with him up for success."

Justin Moss, Senior Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, Killeen, TX

"Bob, I enjoyed meeting you, and appreciate your knowledge about fishing. The trip was well over my expectations. You were over the top on different techniques and most of all your character. I meet so many people in my business and employ many, you stand out in such a positive way. I will want to book another trip with you before Rachelle and I vacation in the fall. Thanks for the pictures!"

Mike Maraffa, Cotton Patch Cafe Restaurant Chain Owner, Salado, TX

"Bob, Thanks for a great time this morning and showing us all the tricks, we have never caught fish like that (although Spencer's fishing trip exceptions have increased dramatically now!) Thanks again, and we look forward to more trips with you."

Scott Liles, Scott & White architect, Temple, TX

"Fishing with Bob was great! My son and I met Bob at the lake. After a couple of minutes of safety and where things were on the boat and a quick class on how we were going to catch the fish, we were off. Within 30 minutes of being at the lake we were catching fish! We caught over 100 (one hundred) fish in about 4 hours. My son caught the biggest, a 5lb hybrid bass. I would recommend Bob to anyone who wants to catch fish and have a good time. Thanks Bob, for an awesome outing!!"

Joe Lavimoniere, Military Contractor, Harker Heights, TX

"Mr. and Mrs. Maindelle, thank you so much for joining us out at Parrie Haynes [Ranch]. The students loved learning how to cast and are ahead of schedule with life science. You helped to make the day so memorable!"

Karey Pierce, 5th Grade Science Teacher, Nolanville Elementary School, Killeen, TX

"Bob, thanks for the trip....Amy was as excited as the boys....they all loved it. Thanks again. It was the most fish they ever caught."

Karen Cole, Georgetown, TX

"Bob, thank you for the great trip and the pictures. Both kids had called their dads before we were across the Stillhouse Dam heading home. Tanner's dad then called me for specifics. Deb was really impressed with the pictures, as was I. Thanks again,"

Bill Hudgens, Bell County Road Department, Belfalls, TX

"My father-in-law, Bob N., my brother-in-law, Justin H., and I met [Bob Maindelle] at 7 AM at Temple Lake Park ramp. Courtesy dock flooded by all night rain. Our guide had a live well full of shad and had rods rigged for topwater, down-rigging, and live bait. Topwater was slow, caught a couple of sandies and a 3-1/2 lb. hybrid. Went to downriggers, caught a couple. Still slow. So "Guide Bob" (we had two Bobs in the boat) says, "We'll get 'em with these shad.", and we moved about a mile, found a spot, and proceeded to "kill 'em". For three hours we caught largemouth, smallmouth, hybrid stripers and sandies on a ratio of about 4-3-2-1, 40% largemouth, 30% smallmouth, 20% hybrid, 10% sandbass - all on shad. I caught a 6-1/4 lb. largemouth and a 4-3/8 lb. smallmouth. Dad-in-law caught two 5 lb. largemouth. Brother-in-law caught a 3-1/2 lb. largemouth. We caught about sixty while basically fishing a 100 yd. stretch, back and forth. Nearly everything was 2 lbs. and up, except the sandies. The 4-3/8 lb. smallmouth took me about ten minutes - she drug lots of line - a great fight. My first smallmouth ever. Had only seen them on TV. Now I understand the fuss. The best news is, all of those dandy fish are still in Lake Belton. Guide Bob is catch-and-release."

Larry Tooker, Manufacturer's Sales Representative, Fairview, TX