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Fishing Guide

Belton Lake

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Bob Maindelle


White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass

Specializing in Catch & Release


Holding The Line Guide Service - based in Salado, Texas, in pursuit of the game fish of Texas

Specializing in angling for white bass and hybrid strriped bass

Focusing on Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Belton Lake, and Lake Georgetown

Light tackle Catch and Release Fishing

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Communication - Before your guided trip, we'll have spoken by phone to arrange the trip, you'll have received a detailed e-mail from me letting you know what to bring, when to meet me, and how the fishing has been. I will send you Google Map directions texted to your phone so there is no wandering in the dark finding your way to the boat ramp for the first time. You can expect clear, proactive communication from me to make sure there are no misunderstandings or oversights in the details that go into making your trip a great one.

Meeting You - Depending on your preference, I can either pick you up where you are lodging, or simply meet you at the boat ramp located nearest the areas we will fish on your day on the water.

Logistics - I will provide all needed fishing equipment. You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment and snacks, if you so choose. Go to Frequently Asked Questions to see what you'll need to carry with you on your trip. Morning trips will begin at first light, and evening trips will typically begin about 4 hours before sundown. FAQ

Finding Fish - Because of the 30+ years of experience I have on local waters, most of the time-consuming guesswork is taken out of the fish-finding equation. We'll start the day in the right locations and work to find the "spot on the spot" to keep you on fish.

Your Preferences - For the very serious angler, I will gladly customize your trip as you wish to target particular species and/or to allow you to learn or employ particular techniques. If I suspect that fulfilling your request might diminish your success, I'll tell you that up front so you can make an informed decision. I will then do my best to put you on the fish you want, the way you want.

Fishing for Fun - If species or techniques are of little concern to you and you're just after a fun day of catching fish, then I will most likely pursue white bass and/or hybrid striped bass as they typically offer fishermen of all skill levels the best shot at high numbers of quality, hard pulling fish.

Coaching - I will occasionally fish alongside you at times just briefly, especially when we first arrive at a new area to get a "feel" for the mood and activity level of the fish. Once we figure out what the fish are doing and what they want, I'll often take a backseat, keep the boat positioned for you, coach you (if you desire to be coached), and do all I can to maximize your catch.

Catch, photograph, and release - It is a proven fact of fisheries management that consistent, intelligent fishing pressure will negatively impact the fisheries resources of our local water bodies if catch and release is not practiced. For this reason, I've taken a leadership position on this issue that few guide services have the guts to do, which is to operate on a 100% catch and release basis. If we land a record (which has happened many times over on my boat), I am prepared with multiple certified scales so that trophy fish (and their genetics) make it back into the lake in healthy condition and you still earn a TPWD record fish certificate.

Going Our Separate Ways - As our trip concludes, we'll shake hands before you go on your way, and I'll trust that the hustle I put into getting you on fish will convince you to call upon me when you travel this way again. Your digital photos of your adventure and a link to a blog entry on this website detailing our trip will arrive by e-mail within a few days of your trip's end for you to forward to friends and family.

Fishing Technique Calendar














Vertical Jigging Slabs for Multiple Species

Flatline Trolling for Multiple Species

Downrigging for Multiple Species

Shallow Casting MAL Lures for Multi-species

Deep Casting MAL Lures for Multiple Species

Live Shad for Hybrid Striped Bass





Hydrilla Bed Panfish for Kids

Topwater Casting MAL Lures to Fish on Top

Vertical/Slipfloat Fishing for Catfish

Deadsticking for White Bass/Hybrid

Sniping for White Bass/Hybrid/Largemouth

 ** = no hybrid-specific trips offered in 2023 as that fishery rebuilds on Lake Belton.