Stillhouse Hollow Fishing Guide Report – 24 June 2010 – 41 FISH

I fished a half-day morning trip with grandpa Waymon Y. of Copperas Cove, and his 8 year old grandson, Xavier. Neither had done just a whole lot of fishing prior to this excursion, and most of that was limited to bank fishing in the ponds around Central Texas College.

Waymon and Xavier hit it just right today — over 2 hours of topwater action!!

Fortunately, we ran into some fairly intense topwater feeding at and around Area 061 not requiring long casts, although speed and accuracy, as always, enhanced success. Both learned on the fly and were both catching fish consistently as long as the topwater lasted, which, today extended from about 7:15am to 9:20am. During this feed the boys landed 16 fish, all on the Cork Rig. Their catch consisted of a 40/60 split of black bass/white bass.

Once the topwater settled down, I introduced them to downrigging. We focused on a section of lake bounded by Area 485 and Area 206 and stayed on top of the fish an bait for about 45 minutes until that, too, settled down. While these fish were feeding, we caught them very consistently, landing 14 fish in this short span of time, including a mix of white bass and freshwater drum, all on Pet Spoons in a Pet/Licker combination.

In order to finish up the trip on a positive, and engaging note, we decided to head shallow to Area 231 to fish for sunfish with floats and bait here. We found nice bright, calm conditions and the water here in good shape with rock, timber, and aquatic vegetation making a nice haven for sunfish. We baited up and in no time flat boated 11 sunfish including longears, greens, and bluegills. Once the fish here “got smart” and stopped biting, we wrapped it up and headed to the dock.

TALLY = 41 FISH, all caught and released

Today’s Conditions:

Start Time: 6:15a

End Time: 11:15a

Air Temp: 78F at trip’s start, heading towards the high-90’s.

Water Surface Temp: ~86.4F

Wind: Winds were around 6SE at sunrise, then slowly turned SSW and built to around 10-12 by trip’s end.

Skies: Skies were hazy with the typical low cloud bank in the E around sunrise.