Belton Lake Fishing Guide Report – 21 Dec. 2010 – 134 Fish

I did not schedule any trips today due to the forecast for light winds. Although today was productive, the fish were both scattered and suspended so I had to work for every fish.

I started off the morning at Area 710 (BA: 4T, 2HG) in 8-11 feet of water casting a bladebait. I put 3 whites and 2 barely keeper hybrid in the boat before the action quickly dried up and rematerialized a few yards away in 20-23 feet of water at Area 606. Here, a combination of lift-dropping, smoking, and jiggng put an additional 14 fish in the boat. The fish were active enough to take the 3/4 oz. TNT180, so I used it as long as they were willing.

Next, I headed to Area 711 (BA: 7T) and boated 3 whites and 1 keeper hybrid in 14–16 feet of water on the large 3/4 oz. Cicada bladebait.

Fellow guide Rick A. gave me a ring and let me know he’d found some white bass action near Area 708. I headed over and found active, but scattered and suspended white bass here from Area 708 over to Area 712 and all along the path between the two areas. A faster version of the “sniping” technique seemed to work best on these fish, over about an hour’s time I put an additional 28 fish in the boat, for a tally of 50 fish to this point. By 10:25 the fish and birds were just about done in this area. These picky fish preferred the 3/8 oz. slab.

I headed to Area 686 and jigged for 18 more fish, all short whites coming out of 28-32 feet of water. These fish were lethargic and tight to the bottom.

I took a lunchbreak and returned the water around 2:15pm.

I began at Area 709 and found abundant, but still reluctant, white bass in 24-26 feet and jigged for these fish with a 3/8 oz. TNT180, picking up 31 fish here (29 whites, 1 largemouth, 1 drum). There was a bit of a hiatus for about 40 minutes as the wind went nearly slack, but, as it picked back up at 4:10, the fish got the most active that they would become this afternoon in this final stretch leading up to sunset.

I headed to Area 694 and found abundant, but small, white bass and juvenile hybrid here in 22-24 feet of water. I boated 24 fish here in about 45 minutes’ time with the action ending at sunset.

With no birds in sight at the section of lake I was at, I cranked up and decided to cruise in the post-sunset light to see if I could find any last minute bird action. I came upon ~7 terns feeding over 10-13 feet of water between Areas 565 and 663. I chose a smaller 1/2 oz. Cicada and fished it lift-drop style, boating a final 11 fish for the night including 9 white bass and 2 just-short hybrid.

TALLY = 134 FISH, all caught and released


Start Time: 7:40a

End Time: 5:40p

Air Temp: 62F at trip’s start.

Water Surface Temp: ~57-58F

Wind: Winds were S5-8.

Skies: Light morning fog giving way to fair skies for the remainder of the day.

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