Location! Location! Location! 29 Fish, 09 Feb. 2012, Stillhouse Fishing Guide Report

In advance of a forthcoming challenge this weekend, I did a little pre-trip scouting this evening.

Here’s where I found fish today on a deep break, as shown on colored sonar. That entire yellow-green mass along the bottom is a densely packed school of fish.

And here is what that same bunch of fish looked like on Lowrance DownScan Imaging.

And … here’s what one of those schoolmates looked like in person!! Note that my slab “matches the hatch” by nearly perfectly imitating the size of the bait these fish were feeding on. That freshly regurgitated shad was thrown up by this white bass just as I boated it.

I’m to take a 10 year-old young man with special needs out this weekend and the conditions are going to be difficult due to stiff north winds and cold front conditions. I scouted several areas Monday and put two more on the “milk run” list today…

The goal of this evening’s trip was not to catch as many fish as I could, but to locate as many fish holding areas as I could. Fish are really not that hard to catch, but, finding them can be a “needle in a haystack” proposition some days.

Today I located fish on Area 935 in about 35 feet of water at around 5pm. I quickly boated 15 fish and left them still very active to find more fish. I next found fish on Area 786 in about 21 feet of water at around 6pm. I boated an additional 14 fish here until they quit biting at dark, around 6:40. These fish were not nearly as densely schooled and, with the failing light, were biting much more tentatively.

TALLY = 29 FISH all caught and released

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Start Time: 3:30p

End Time: 6:40p

Air Temp: 58F at trip’s start.

Water Surface Temp: 56.4F.

Wind: Winds were SE7.

Skies: Skies were grey and about 90% cloudy the entire trip.

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