Went Fishin’ with the Farmer!! 41 Fish, Belton Fishing Guide Report, 04 June 2012

This morning I met husband and wife Kirby and Eryn Logan on Belton Lake for some “shoulder to shoulder” time away from the kiddos.

Kirby and Eryn landed these hybrid out of the same school at the same time. One fell to an umbrella rig targeting hybrid and the other to a Pet Spoon intended for white bass and hybrid.

Kirby and Eryn are married with two boys, 6 and 2. Eryn works for Dell Computers and Kirby is a full-time farmer working the land to raise maize and cotton on their farm near the Little River. Kirby had done a good bit of fishing and Eryn very little. Eryn and I worked on some quick casting lessons at dockside so we could take advantage of any topwater action that cropped up, and crop up it did.

We had nice weather conditions today — manageable S. winds, some cloud cover, and a high pressure beginning to break down.

We began our day chasing topwater white bass with some juvenile hybrid mixed in. The action was spotty and moderate, but enough to keep us busy and in the fish for a little more than an hour. We used a Cork Rig and boated 24 fish (21 keeper white bass and 3 short hybrid) during this feed in the vicinity of Area 210/483.

After the topwater died, we continued fishing in the same area and boated 3 more white bass on downriggers before some more distant “popcorn” surface action led us elsewhere. By “popcorn”, I mean action that erupts and then immediately sounds (just enough to get your blood pumping, and then disappoint you!). In the vicinity of Area 506/846, we found mostly 17-19 inch hybrid stripers hanging just above the thermocline beginning to set up around 31 feet. We fished our downrigged baits (umbrella rigs and Pet Spoons) at 25-27 feet and caught at least one fish on each circuitous pass we made over the course of just shy of 2 hours, boating 11 more fish (9 hybrid and 2 white bass).

By around 10:15 the action was dying pretty quickly. I looked around for natural “sign” (birds, bait, fish hitting the surface, deer feeding, etc.), but that was scarce. We wound up fishing another 45 minutes or so eventually boating 3 more fish in the vicinity of Area 154. These all came on Pet Spoons after I dropped the umbrella rig out of our setup due to the lack of sonar signatures indicating hybrid in this area.

One of Kirby’s desires on this trip was to learn about downrigging, so, we really focused on that technique so that if he chose to equip his own boat with these very effective devices, he’s have all the basics down and more based on what he learned on the water today.

Thanks for all the tips on good Austin eateries, Eryn!!

TALLY = 41 FISH, all caught and released

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Start Time: 6:25a

End Time: 11:05a

Air Temp: 76F at trip’s start.

Water Surface Temp: 77F

Wind: Winds were S8 tapering to SSE4

Skies: Skies were grey and bright with a thin layer of overcast.