Here’s a snapshot of our results for the month, and a bit about what’s happening right now on Belton and Stillhouse

29 NOV = 49 FISH

28 NOV = 50 FISH

27 NOV = 80 FISH

22 NOV = 17 FISH

20 NOV = 34 FISH (PM)

20 NOV = 33 FISH (AM)

17 NOV = 60 FISH

13 NOV = 56 FISH (PM)

13 NOV = 29 FISH (AM)

10 NOV = 24 FISH

04 NOV = 48 FISH

03 NOV = 59 FISH

01 NOV = 59 FISH



Water Conditions: Surface temps stand at 59-60F at Belton and Stilhouse; the water is 2.1 feet low at Belton and is clear green. At Stillhouse, the water is 4.1 feet low and is clear green.

Hybrid Stripers: With the cooling water, the hybrid have moved up shallower into the 20 foot range. Early morning and late evening have even seen a bit of subsurface activity with occasional fish breaking the surface. Fish will continue to gather into tighter schools through the winter months. As the water cools and the fish congregate, vertical presentations will become more effective than horizontal presentations.

White Bass: Are now predictably schooled up in large congregations and are being found in the same areas as hybrid. Slabbing is very reliable and can account for high numbers in short time spans. Birds are present in sufficient quantities now to be reliable indicators of fish location.

Largemouth: Largemouth are moving out to deepwater structures and are slowing down a good bit. I find a lot of black bass on the open water topographies I fish for whites and hybrids. They tend to come on larger baits, and can be specifically targeted with larger baits as they inhabit these deepwater haunts in fishable numbers.

Winter is by far my favorite time to fish. The fish respond very predictably to the pre-frontal, frontal, and post-frontal cycles. The pressure is light, and the bird activity is icing on the cake.

Call me now if you want to fish in December. I’m at 254-368-7411. –Bob Maindelle

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