WHO I FISHED WITH: This third day of Spring Break fishing I welcomed aboard Stephen Hanlon, his adult son, Tavish Hanlon, and Tavish’s nine-year-old son, Conner Hanlon.

Steve is retired from the Veterans’ Administration, Tavish is a driver for Mission Foods, and Jacob is an aspiring marine biologist.

PHOTO CAPTION: From left: Conner, Tavish, and Steve Hanlon — 3 generations aboard for Spring Break 2019.

WHAT WE FISHED FOR:  This trip was a multi-species fishing trip focused on white bass.

WHERE WE FISHED:  Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir

WHEN WE FISHED:  Thursday morning, 14 March

HOW WE FISHED:  If you follow my reports, you know I “call ’em like I see ’em” without sugarcoating or fluff.  Today we had a very tough time with very limited results.  With the passage of 2 cold fronts in under 24 hours, the fish just called a time out and were hard to find, although we did catch fish when we found them.

I never hesitate to postpone a trip if I feel our chances of catching fish are going to be greatly diminished by weather.  Although the forecast for this morning was accurate, looking back I overestimated the potential for the morning due to the limited temperature drop that we were to experience.  The high winds and high pressure definitely trumped the mild cool down, and the fish just turned off.

Our go-to tactic was snap-jigging with small slabs, although before the wind came up and while the light level was still low, we were able to pick up two white bass and a single largemouth in under 17 feet of water by casting Cicada bladebaits.

OBSERVATIONS:   High pressure and high winds following a double cold front was more than the fish were willing to deal with; we had a very tough morning.

TALLY: 13 fish caught and released


Start Time: 7:50am

End Time: 12:15pm

Air Temp. @ Trip’s Start: 62F

Elevation: 0.19 feet high, with a 0.09 foot rise over the last 24 hours

Water Surface Temp: 57.7F

Wind Speed & Direction:  Winds were NNW16-18

Sky Conditions: Bright “blue bird”, nearly cloudless skies

GT = 50

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**Area  106/1167 – low light slabbing

**Area  SH0075C – blades

**Area  SH0085C – 570 – deep slabbing



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