11 FEBRUARY 2008

Stillhouse Hollow Fishing Report by Harker Heights Fishing Guide Bob Maindelle

Fished a half day morning trip today from 7am to 10:30am. At launch time the air temp was 44F and the water surface temp was 53F. There was a good SW breeze pushing at around 10mph which was just right to get fish going early and keep them feeding actively for most of the morning. The sun was bright, but with fair skies to filter a little brightness.

Due to the warming of the waters, the shad are beginning to move slowly shallower. This scatters the birds and makes them less apt to feed strictly over active fish. This is especially true of the terns. Birds were not helpful at all today in locating fish, so, instead, I relied on past and recent success and sonar to go find fish.

After looking over the Area 54/102 complex pretty closely, I found fish tight to bottom on a gentle 24-26 foot rise. I stayed on top of those fish the entire morning and landed 35 whites, all keepers, and all healthy. None were less than 11 nor more than 14 inches. All responded to a slab worked on bottom – very little suspended action.

TALLY = 35 white bass, all caught and released.

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